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Chalky & Company – Jana Zuercher – That Chalky Gal

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jana Zuercher, Independent Executive Consultant and TEAM Leader with Chalky & Company, a new direct sales company, where the emphasis is on, as they say, “bringing out the crafty in everyone through our fun and interactive parties, classes and workshops.” Chalky & Company’s signature product is Painter’s Powder, an all-natural additive for latex paint to create the popular chalky paint used to create Americana chic style painted items.

Chalky & Company Talk Chalky To Me TEAM Boss

Look What You Can Do With Painter’s Powder From Chalky & Company

What Is Chalky and Company

Chalky and Company is both a new craze and a hot new direct sales company that a whole lot of people are talking about. Chalky and Company, with its Painters Powder signature paint-mix product, was created by a stay at home Mom and Dad. The applied their passion for restoring furniture and creating amazing projects to the development of a cheaper way of creating the do-it-yourself projects and furniture restoration they, and so many others, know and love. Together they began playing around with different recipes and found a economic, all natural, chalk mixture that changed everything.

In that moment, Painters Powder was born. When mixed with any Latex paint, it is faster and much easier to restore any old piece of furniture, creating something that is truly amazing. There is no need for sanding or priming. The paint mixture lasts so much longer than Latex paint on its own. Additionally, you need to use only about a quarter of the paint you would normally use, and because of this, dreaded painting projects are now fun, creative, adventures.

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