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WordPress Undisputed Market Leader

When I first took a serious look at WordPress several years ago it was in and out of first place in the content management (CMS) system arena, fighting with Joomla and Drupal. Each had about five percent of the total CMS market. That was then. Today, it is a whole different landscape.

Undisputed Market Leader

Drupal still holds onto about five percent of the CMS market. And that market has grown so five percent today means lots more websites than a few years ago. Joomla has grown in both regards. They now hold a whopping eight percent of the CMS market. That’s good, too. But WordPress which is the undisputed market leader these days.

Latest numbers show WordPress earning an almost unbelievable sixty percent of the CMS marketplace. Sixty percent! Wow! That is staggering. And that translates into a full twenty-five percent of the entire installed base of websites on the Internet. That is one quarter of all sites, including all those legacy sites going back to the earliest days of the ‘net, before WordPress was even an idea.

It is simply amazing, but Mat Mullenweg, co-creator of WordPress, says he expects WordPress to top fifty percent of all websites in the next few years. Talk about undisputed market leader!

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