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WordPress Wizard Part One

Known online by many as the WordPress Wizard, or just the Wiz, Rev. Stephen B. Henry — Steve to his friends — is a veteran of website design, development and deployment. Steve has been around the Internet since before it was public, going back to the days of ARPAnet and NSFnet. Steve’s first ecommerce project was in 1989 and his first commercial website was rolled out in 1994, less than one year after the World Wide Web came into being.

Steve hand coded the first website for the Royal Bank of Canada and has built dozens of websites for himself and many hundreds for clients all over the world. Today he earns his entire living online creating and managing web properties for himself and his clients. He has had great successes, and a few failures, along the way. A few of his current success stories include the following:

Our Hutch LLC WordPress Wizard

The WordPress Wizard: Our Hutch LLC.

The parent company for most of the non-client sites Steve is directly involved in is Our Hutch. The name comes from its location in Hutchinson KS, affectionately known by the locals as Hutch. It is a small city in south central Kansas known for its underground salt museum with its massive underground storage vaults protecting everything from government documents, antiquities, and original film prints such as Gone With The Wind and The Wizard Of Oz.

Also located in Hutchinson, Kansas, is the Cosmosphere and Space Museum featuring, among other space treasures, a full-scale replica of space shuttle Endeavor, an actual x-71 Blackbird, a full-scale replica lunar rover, the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury spacecraft, recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a Gemini X space capsule, the Apollo 13 command module Odyssey, a Titan II rocket, a Russian Vostok space capsule, a replica of the X-1 flown by Chuck Yeager, Glamorous Glennis, used in the filming of The Right Stuff, a Vanguard 1 satellite, Moon rock collected during Apollo 11, an authentic Mercury-Redstone rocket, restored World War II German V-1 and V-2 rockets, both prototype and actually flown American and Russian spacesuits, a section from the Berlin Wall (not space related, but hey!), a full scale replica Lunar Module, an actual Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Craft, a piece of tile from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and a real Sputnik 1 flight-ready backup. And that’s just for starters.

In fact, the Cosmosphere, right here in Hutch, features over 13,000 spaceflight artifacts – the largest combined collection of US and Russian spaceflight artifacts in the world! What a great place to headquarter the parent company of Steve & Lora’s web properties.

Our Hutch comes from the local nickname for Hutchinson and is also in reference to a grandmother’s cabinet or hutch — your grandmother may have had one (or may still) and you remember her always having something in there for you when you visited as a child. Our Hutch was the name of Steve & Lora’s early eBay business where they sold many vintage items that may have been found in grandmother’s hutch.

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